© 2010 Oliver John-Rodgers (OJR) 


I spent all seventeen years 

Working on how to say “dear” 

I thought I’d honed the words they like 

But now I’ve cut off my tongue 

I’ll trade it for a new one 

If that’s the way to win your prize 

I spent all January 

Watching your man all wary 

And hid my fear in my blue eyes 

I guess I’m much too old now 

I guess I never learned how 

To be one of the normal guys 


I’m so in love with

Fighting this name, D.C. Smith

What good did it ever do for me?

And you’re so in love with

Guys who swing a tighter fist

My words are at the bottom of your list


I tried to stay above you 

As if to say it weren’t true 

That you'd caught onto my heart 

But I’m a door to walk through 

I make it easy to do 

And this door you’ve ripped apart 

I tried to take what I'd lost 

Used words to pay for high cost 

Though, they failed and it’s a shame 

I left my tongue in cold frost 

You left my head all criss-crossed 

Age is a number, so play the game


I’m such a burden

A boy of only 5’10”

I’m not a man of perfect stuff

So I always pretend

I’m happy just being your friend

One whose words are not enough