© 2012 Oliver John-Rodgers (OJR) 


I don't wanna forfeit 

But I'm not gonna force it 

I won't fight the wolves 

Just to fail you 

Yeah, I could fake it 

When we're both flesh naked 

And my flames burn hotter 

Than yours do 

But now I've got these bad blues 

And I'm empty like the pews 

We ran through 

When no one was looking 

In that cavern cathedral 

I feared all the people 

Who'd flash their long fangs 

At you 


These same days last May 

I bemoaned an empty cage 

Left abandoned 

By an olive-branch bird 

Surrounded by beast men 

I hid in love poems 

Where shots tear through 

All who deserve it 

But I'm no marksman today 

No, nothing's changed enough to say 

She should fly back 

This gun has well earned it 

I'm camped out in the shed 

Drinking ink and 

Chewing lead 

If I hear howls 

I'll scorch the whole forest 


I'll give in to them 



I'm a needle 

In your arm 

Is the high 

Worth the harm? 

You're a needle 

In my arm 

Je suis tombé 

Sous ton charme 


But now I've gone 

And lost my head 

Finding fur 

In your warm bed 


In your bed 

In your bed 

All the wolves in your bed 

In my stead 

In my stead 

All the wolves in my stead 

In my head 

In my head 

All the wolves in my head 

In my head 

In my head 


All the wolves are in my head