© 2009 Oliver John-Rodgers (OJR) 


Where has the money all gone? 

Sure, it has trickled down 

Into a stream and a pond 

Where it floats along the banks 

Against a dam so content 

With keeping everyone out 

So that no one makes a dent 

Under the bluest blue sky 

By the greenest green grass 

Greener than the money 

The money hoarded in bags 

By the top-dog government 

And its top-hat personnel 

That lie with the rich 

Until the people can’t tell 

That we’re all just scraps 

In this vast corporate machine 

Drugging its workers 

With the great American dream 

But it’s not my dream to die in a 9-5 

While the cufflinks and white collars 

From the hilltops, they spy 

On the people who dare to question 

How dare you question why? 

But I won’t eat your apple pie 

And I won’t swallow your grassroots market 

No, I won’t starve for endless cash 

I won’t devour your family 

I won’t chug gold from a flask 

So that the money keeps circulating 

And so that I get paid 

So that my children will learn 

Only that there’s money to be made 

So that I enroll them in school 

And so that they take a class 

A class on making money 

And deception 

And on guzzling gas 

So study so you can get an A 

An A for America 

And an A for agreeing to pay 

The one dollar to get your license 

So that on the streets you can play 

Because they own the dollar 

And the money you make 

Hell, they own your whole day 

But hey, my man, I’ll tell you 

Civil disobedience comes hard 

And to my children I will tell them 

With it they shall go far 

But they don’t know that freedom is a wish 

When your freedom is determined 

By Washington capitalists