© 2013 Oliver John-Rodgers (OJR) 


Call me Moses in the morning 

Call me Lucifer at night 

Call me standin’ at your station 

Say you’re lookin’ for a fight 


Well, I 

I ain’t lookin for nothin’ but love 

So if you wanna touch me truly 

Then take off your gloves 


I awoke inside a jail cell 

Where they hacked off all my hair 

They caged me up for wanderin’ 

Down the wrong set of stairs 

But they never get it right 

And no one seem to care 

They just stomp on your face and scream 

"I hope you rot down there!" 


Well, I 

I’m a drunk mouse 

Hangin’ bloody and half out 

In the fat cat’s ugly mouth 

I’m trapped inside this city 

And it seems there ain’t no way out 


But I’m still wagin’ heavy peace 

As you’ve got me on my knees 

You say that I’m so lucky 

To live amongst the free 

My fathers sold their lefts and rights 

To buy security 

And they fucked a big American flag 

And out came little me! 


But no, I 

I ain’t lookin for nothin’ but love 

You spit out all your venom 

While I just bite my own tongue