© 2010 Oliver John-Rodgers (OJR) 


Seventeen years 

Four wasted here 

I liked the first two 

Back then I had you 

But once I lost most 

I then found my ghost 

And swallowed some stones 

To prove to myself I'm alone 


The first called on me 

With tears through the phone 

And said, “I am so sorry 

I’d rather be alone 

While you’re on that curb 

And I’m in my home 

I’ll tell the whole world 

You tortured me down to my bones” 


The next girl, she came 

With a younger name 

And I, with sad eyes 

Didn’t see why 

Why the world wouldn’t take 

The words my thoughts make 

Innocent and shallow 

Pretty and hollow 


The third girl told me 

“You make me feel free” 

So I got to thinking 

That I could be hers 

But sometimes things happen 

And I don’t know why 

Why that same free girl 

Is now free with some other guy 


Now as I’m getting out 

On this bus to Manhattan 

My head seems to shout 

Don’t come back again 

I've made such a mess 

Fewer friends than foes 

So now as it rains 

Washed away I will go