© 2014 Oliver John-Rodgers (OJR) 


What’s it gonna take 

To get you out my business… man? 

What’s it gonna take 

To get you off my back? 

I don’t cut my hair 

I wear high-heeled shoes 

When I wake up in the mornin’ 

It’s true that it’s two in the afternoon 

What does that have anything to do with you? 


You ride a sad pony 

I’m gonna get you fired, boy 

You’re so fired! 


I see you go standin' there 

With your nice hair and your ice glare 

Lookin' like you got some wild place to be 

’Til I show up on the scene 

I mean, hey, you know me 

I’m just lookin' for a free place to pee 

You say, "How 'bout I stand behind you, do some voodoo 

Before the three blue doors, and ask you a few questions?" 

I say, “Hey, man, what’s with all the hecklin' and the pressurin’? 

I’m just tryin' to spread the freshness of love and peace" 



You ride a sad pony 



Last night I was hanging out late down round, you know 

Some dirty ol’ backwoods karaoke bar 

Now I gotta admit I was drinkin’ a bit hard 

But only ‘cause the village clown drove off to downtown with my car 

When just then, in the crowd, a big man, too damn loud 

Starts a-whoopin’ and a-hollerin’ up at me 

He said, “Would ya look at this big-city, Axl Rose wannabe 

Soccer-loving brat in his faggy lil' skinny jeans” 

Now I don’t mean to be mean, man 

Really, it ain’t much my scene 

But allow me, please, to say this one thing: 

That meathead fool was balder than a baby Mr. Clean 

I think it’s HE who’s got the bad genes! 



He rides a sad pony 

And his 

Father rides a sad pony 

And his 

Lord rides a sad pony 

And sometimes 

The whole world rides a sad pony