"REBECCA" [2012]

Rebecca’s on the roof again

Her skin so tight in wild wind

She frowns me with a knowing grin

Says, “Ollie, I just want a man”

Well why can’t I be him?


I lost my job

Got smoker’s cough

If I had the money

I’d take off and leave

Bex, I’d leave

Would you come with me?


To somewhere down South, where slow goes time

Where the buildings, they don’t scrape the sky

Oh I am goin'

I’m goin'

To where my tea is cold and the coyotes cry

Doesn’t that sound so nice?

Oh I am goin’

I’m goin’


I’ve been dreaming of your chair

‘Cause I fell in love with you there

You were stylin’ up my hair

In the mirror with its glare

And you said that you’re much older

And I said that I don’t care

Oh I swear that I don’t care

Oh I swear I swear I swear!

I don’t care