© 2011 Oliver John-Rodgers (OJR) 


On a train back to New York City 

Rubbin’ my eyes ‘cause it’s so damn early 

Argue with each other 

Then I wave bye to my mother 

The assistant conductor’s nice 

He's passed by twice 

Just to ask, "Boy, why don’t you smile?” 

I say, "Sir, not for a while 

But please stay in this aisle 

And we’ll talk the whole way 

‘Til we get to Penn Station 

And I thank you and say 

‘You’ve made bright what started so gray'" 


Now I’m laughing on the phone 

With my girl in California 

She's smilin' and shinin' 

O how I miss 'er 


On a train back to New York City 

Rubbin' my eyes 'cause it's so damn early 

Dorms will all be vacant 

But I really couldn't wait 'cause 

A week outside the place is quite nice 

For seven days 

Any more and I start to go insane 


WIthout all the many rumbles 

Of a city steeped in height 

Now all of the sirens and honking 

Help me sleep at night 


Subway station’s full 

Of wet boots and newspapers 

I hear there’s snow on the ground 

Some men ride along 

‘Cause they’re lost and not found 

But all men seem to ride without sound 


On a train back to 8th Street 

When I talk to a lady 

Whose accent came with her across the sea 

I asked if she knew Ashburn 

Of Northern Virginia 

But New York was all she could see 


New York is all I can see