© 2012 Oliver John-Rodgers (OJR) 


Conor’s in the kitchen

Cookin’ up the sci-fi

Bobby’s in the basement

Bluesin’ till his voice dies

Leonard’s in the library

Three books in his two hands

And me, I’m in the attic

Actin’ bigger than I am


The brutes down on MacDougal Street

They wear their blue football caps

And the drunk girls hang on barstools 

Greek letters in their laps


O New York, my gray siren!

With your piss and black rat bags

I’m up all night just wishin’

I could take this village back


There’s a mural on the supermarket 

Sometimes I gotta go and stare at it

Stare at all the cowboy poets

Back when the West was still in Manhattan

But I know I cannot stop it

I can’t stop the river from drying

I’m an unwanted Purple College kid

Not on the mural and hardly trying


The old scene is ghost, they

Rode steel canoes to Brooklyn

But it all just seems so fishy

And I’m not sure how to hook them