© 2013 Oliver John-Rodgers (OJR) 


It feels like I’m going

Where I don’t wanna go

Like I’ve misplaced my map

Driving fast along the road

And it feels like the buildings

Press heavy on my soul

Like this big-city living

Got me feelin’ summer cold

I’m locked up like a bike

Standing chained to these streets

But I belong in a field

Where no one’s staring at me

Yeah, I think I’m goin’ west

To the pretty land out there

Where I can walk free

With flowers in my hair


Let me be

Let me be

Let me be

Let me be free


Sometimes it feels like I’m sleeping

At the wrong end of the bed

I got too many big ideas

And they’re burnin’ through my head

I wanna spend a night in London

With a girl from Paris, France

I wanna play on top a roof

And watch the sidewalk dance

I wanna dig up ancient bones

Live life outside my phone

I wanna shake the apple tree

You can’t stop it, not me


Let me be 

Let me be

Let me be

Let me be free