© 2012 Oliver John-Rodgers (OJR) 


My mother called the other day

She wanted to check up on me

And I just laughed along

“Those bottles, Ma, inside my desk

Are nothing more than birthday gifts

Ain't nothin’ you should fear”


Last night I met up with a friend

To talk and sing up in Harlem

And we both laughed along

I probably said too much, I think

That happens every time I drink


Olivia, I miss you, dear

I act like I’m all full of cheer

And so I laugh along

But you know I’m no good at showing

How I feel, the bad emotions

Not until I’m drunk


But please, lie to me

And tell me you struggle like I do

Do you struggle, too?


Dear family, please don’t rescue me

Don’t ship me off out to the sea

Just try to laugh along

I really don’t think I need help

I mean, I do, but what the hell

At least it gives me songs


I met a Russian girl last week

So kind and pure and true and sweet

And so she laughed along

I told her all about my past

How love had come but didn’t last

And then we laughed along


The world, it is a funny place

But only if you’ve got the patience to

Laugh along

‘Cause sometimes you get down and out

And nothing’s funny anyhow

Not even when you’re drunk