© 2010 Oliver John-Rodgers (OJR) 


I said, “I never thought it’d be different 

Just a wish-list, you’re just a kid, and 

If you find another man better than me, then 

Do it clean if you can” 

She said, “I’m sorry I’m a monster 

I break hearts like it’s something inside or 

Some form of pride, yeah, nothing I can help 

So please don’t hold it against me” 

He said, “I’ve got the sun inside my hands 

And I can give you what you want” 

He said, “My face is fresh like the cut on yours 

And for that, he’ll need some luck” 


But I am nobody, so why try 

To tell you different? 

To tell you lies? 

I came with a heart 

That was hammered to dust 

You poured me over 

And stole my trust 

The other guys 

Perfectly shined 

Though not refined 

They have the size 

And I am nothing 

If love is blind 


I said, “There’s nothing that I could say right now 

That I haven’t said before 

I’ve got a list of dreaded initials 

What’s it to add just two more?” 

She said, “This doesn’t have to change a thing 

I hope to keep what spring will bring 

Winter was rough, and now you know it, too 

But this doesn’t affect how I see you” 

He said, “She found a better man, I see 

So keep your place and we’ll be fine” 

He said, “Shake my hand and let’s make some peace 

Touch the sun, then lose your mind” 


But I am somebody, so why try 

To tell you different? 

To tell you lies? 

I’ve got a name 

That’s hated by most 

For that I ran from coast to coast 

The other guys 

With more in height 

Though no insight 

They have the might 

And I am nothing 

If love is blind