© 2012 Oliver John-Rodgers (OJR) 


I grew up down round the Baby Blue Ridge 

Scared of teens with menthols on the bridge 

A cancer, a cancer, I watched the other kids 

Wrote poems about the skin stretched over my ribs 


Jesse tells his sister not to cry 

"I love my lot but think I'd rather die 

The debts press down and poke and push and pry 

What good's a house with nothin' good inside?" 


The Chief of Crime, he's got a charming smile 

He tells smart jokes to rich, old crocodiles 

He sends a plane, unmanned, to fly for miles 

And kills a boy for fucking with our style 


Human Style 


Scout Master Slim's in bed with Chick-fil-A 

Like the dip-spittin' kids say just what their parents say 

All rooted in soil that was toiled on by slaves 

It's two-thousand-twelve and you still can't count the change 


Sorority girls all dyin' to look the same 

Frat boys all tryin' to hide they're gay 

But all us "geed" cats are no different in ways 

All little ants march lookin' for names 


What's your name? 


My fingers are short 

And worn from the pointin' 

I have me a heart 

That beats 'til it's boilin' 

I deal in extremes 

The middle is boring 

My ship is all built 

But I can't leave the shore 'cause 

I fear that the wood 

Is wholly too porous 

If it's rotting again 

Then it's back to the forest 

I'm goin' with them 

The ghosts from before us 

My dreams are too big 

The weight is enormous 

I sing my swan song 

In a vampire chorus 

Go kill me a hog 

And slice me my oranges 

You keep the knife 

I ain't cut out for this 

They're plotting my death 

O ma I'm so sure of it 

Futures get wasted 

Things get aborted 

Our style is human 

Ain't that so glorious? 

I don't want our seas 

To always be stormy 

Need more bumblebees 

Fewer hornets 

My son is not born 

So now I worry 

'Bout my little brother's eyes 

The games got all gory 

We've got us a pot 

It's time that we stir it 

I scream about shit 

Then swallow corn syrup 

The belt tightens quick 

And we all just ignore it 

This nation this torrent 

I see but don't absorb it 

News feeds tell me 

What is and is not important 

Sidebar ads 

What I can't afford and 

The hard rain is falling 

The hard rain is pouring 

Where is the sun? 

Let us look for it 

There's hope for us here 

Deep in the core 

If we dig past the trash 

Surely, there's more