© 2009 Oliver John-Rodgers (OJR) 


Eat the catfish 

Drink the wine 

‘Cause we’re all just waiting in line 

We’re kids searching for more time 

You pick up your phone 

And after one ring you’ve already lost hope 

But good friends are worth more than a ring 

We thank America, our home 

But my home is a house not of stone 

But of love and of trust and some brick 

And that house you will seek 

In four years, like a profit you keep 

‘Cause like a prophet you speak with your tongue 

So let’s sharpen our knives 

‘Cause we’re all so ready to dine 

And we’ll tidy up our graves 

For our bodies to lie 

With a doormat just out front 

And a picture of us on the wall 

We’re kids searching for more time