© 2012 Oliver John-Rodgers (OJR) 


I called her on a payphone 

Said I'd been feelin' alone 

I took a train last night 

Headed north from the city's lights 


I've been drinkin', smokin' lots 

And I just need some time to cool off 


My dear friend wrote a letter 

And asked if I'd please let her 

Call me that 

I said, "Oh sure, I'm sorry 

"But don't you know it's haunting 

"When you ask me that?" 


I know it sounds so strange 

But he and I aren't the same 

They say I can't go and change my own name 

Well who makes the rules in this game? 


Virginny, O Virginny 

I left you for this city 

But I need you now 

To climb your trees and drink your breeze 

Sweet earth on grass-stained knees 

O please 


But I'm chained at the top of her torch 

And all I want's a good porch