© 2010 Oliver John-Rodgers (OJR) 


The boys all joke about your full shape 

A handle a day keeps the night awake 

And the sex great 

But I can give you no more than a poem 

And if you want meat, well me, I’m just a bone 

Dry as stone 

With one week left before the kids all go 

We sat in the street, we lay in the road 

Wine stains on my favorite clothes 

And that’s when I saw what I do the most 

I bum my heart like a cigarette 

For some girl to smoke 

Dry as stone 

It’s Thursday night and the parents are gone 

Like Lacey and friends we sing a drunk summer song 

Too loose, too loose to feel wrong 

You sneak upstairs to make the wood into beat 

My hands on a girl and no shoes on my feet 

We don’t care 

‘Cause we’re 18 and without fear 

So we’re not too concerned what the future may hold 

We’re living tonight, ‘cause tomorrow we’re old 

I think I’m already old 

I spent too much time falling in false love 

I gave them my heart, but that was never enough 

I guess cigarettes are worthless stuff 

But we smoke ‘em anyway and I forget all of this 

I forget girls who didn’t love me, who made me a mess 

And they cry on their dresses 

‘Cause it’s hard sometimes to say the words “good bye” 

Sitting on some stairs, with watery eyes 

But I’m still a stone, dry