© 2012 Oliver John-Rodgers (OJR) 


Cotton-candy sky 

Sticky sugar high 

Sober breeze buzzin' bees

Loud around, rattle now

Pound the sound drums 

Pound the sound drums 

Pound the sound drums with our powder-blue bones 

The paint glows and flows 

Goes from one page to another 

Then they meet sweet at the middle 

Little sister and her brother 

In the soft bright night it spins 

The red lightbulb warms the den 

She sloshes in heavy skin 

Says oh god I bet I'd feel the wind better

Were my arms inside out 

Like menthol all around 

Hey, I really feel it now 

In my big belly balloon 

We paddle till noon 

In this dubstep canoe 

Row row, womp womp boom boom 

Chew the yellow rubber glue 

Tune the whitewashed moon 

Just it, us, and you 

And the teapot whistlin' 


Ginger twist ready 

Ain't no fields in this city 

Just lawns of gray hot dog shit 

I think of that, I think of this 

The bag bleeds and sits 

Then it bleeds green again 

Sir Paul sings the hits 

'Fore the sun comes round six and blooms 

For eight downtown kids 

Wild weekend, wicked 

Stretch the weird veins within 

Shape the chalkboard all bent 

With your brown bear-paw hands 

While the pterodactyls dance 

In the cotton-candy sky 

In those wide jaundiced eyes 

Oh me, oh man, oh my 

Don't cry, we're alive 

Just it, us, and I 

And the teapot whistlin'