© 2009 Oliver John-Rodgers (OJR) 


I’ve stopped counting blessings 

I’ve stopped counting sheep 

I forgot all the lessons 

I forgot how to sleep 

Life is but paper 

With mountains and seas 

I want the whole world 

I want the evergreen trees 

If I bury red Natives 

Will I make more money? 

Will the British babies 

Want to smile at me? 

If I point at a map 

Will black oil run deep? 

Does the bluebird sing 

Because talk is cheap? 


We’ll dust off old Bibles 

And call it a day 

We’ve done all our work 

But who’s in charge of the pay? 

We’ve learned all our Latin 

But teach us to pray 

We’ve planned our last words 

What is left for us to say? 

We’ve fixed up our grammar 

Not “can,” but “may” 

We’ve fixed up our postures 

Backs break anyway 

We’ve learned not to give 

Too much milk to a stray 

We’ve learned not to trust 

A poor man in gray